On success and leadership | Monday Morning Meetings #9

by Fabrice Calando on January 26, 2015

I haven’t been posting Monday Morning Meeting talks recently simply because I haven’t done any. There’s a multitude of reasons for that and I won’t be doing any again today. That being said, I’d like to share a weekly kickoff this morning anyway.

Here are some of Howard Schultz’s thoughts on success and leadership (Howard is the ceo of Starbucks). I took the notes a while back when reading Onward. I don’t remember if they’re direct quotes or paraphrases.

    Success is not sustainable if it’s defined by how big you become. The only number that matters is “one.” One cup. One customer. One partner. One experience at a time.
    The core capacity of leadership is the ability to make right decisions while flying blind, basing them on knowledge, wisdom, and the ability to stay wedded to an overriding goal.
    Recipe for successful leadership: an unbridled level of confidence about where their organizations are headed and the ability to bring people along.
    Leadership is about instilling confidence in others

Happy Monday and have a great week!

Go create!


The fallacy of the lone ranger

by Fabrice Calando on January 22, 2015

There’s a commonly held belief that you can make it happen. If you push hard enough, consistently enough, often enough, it will happen regardless of obstacles. That only the truly exceptional can make it happen. It’s a meritocratic system. One that favors persistence over connection.

In a way, it’s a tempting way to think and act. It shelters us from ever trying.

Now, while it is true that pushing through the resistance and barriers is the only way to make your art happen, we are, afterall, in a connection economy. There are different people around you. There are those that weigh and drag you down and there are those that lift you up and thrust you forward.

So to create your art. To live your purpose. Your duty is really to shed, avoid and exclude all those who prevent you from making a difference while seeking out and embracing those that want to see you succeed. They are the ones that will help you fight the resistance.

Success come to those that realize this formula and relentlessly seek to make it happen.

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Of course…

by Fabrice Calando on January 21, 2015

Of course you can cram for the exam,

    Email your list for a hundredth time,
    Cut costs on a small feature,
    Hide the fine print,
    Lengthen the fine print,
    Bulk up the legalese,
    Cut corners,
    Borrow someone’s class notes,
    Say only what we want to hear,
    Appeal to the lowest common denominator…

Or you can take the time to make something that matters. That requires no small print or mass emails. Something to that people want to talk about and share.

Sure it’s harder than clicking send. Sure the results might take longer to happen. But more sustainable and worthy for sure.


The silent artist

January 15, 2015

Silent artist is an oxymoron because an artist is precisely the opposite. An artist bothers, takes a stand, creates something new, aims to make a difference. An artist can be armed with a pen, a brush or even a spreadsheet or WordPress account. These are not silent weapons. A real artist is arrogant about her […]

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Back to our regularly scheduled programming

January 14, 2015

It used to be that if your message was important enough (the President of the United States for example) you could disrupt programming to give your message. You could do the same if you were willing to pay (advertising is precisely that). Today – an age of abundance – disruption doesn’t work as well. It’s […]

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Breaking the cog

January 13, 2015

A machine cog is a tooth on a gear that engages similar teeth to transmit or receive motion. Each cog makes the machine run. The system only works if all the cogs are inline. Of course one broken cog might not do much damage, maybe some inefficiency… Until the cog is replaced by an identical […]

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Being generous

January 5, 2015

It’s easier to be generous with something you have a lot of – money, time, resources. In that context, giving some of what you have involves little, to no risk. You probably won’t miss what you’ve given away and you remain the giver, the one with the most. It gets more difficult is when you […]

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Creating magic

December 25, 2014

The moments that stick. The days we remember. Our stories we tell over and over. They all share something in common: A touch of disbelief, a smidgen of wonder, a moment of magic. Were, sometimes for only a split second, everything we knew and held to be true was thrown away and replaced with something […]

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Where there’s a will: Monday Morning Meeting #8

December 22, 2014

I’m taking some time off for the holidays, to spend some time with the family. This is a Monday Morning talk I gave a little while back but haven’t posted yet. Today, I would like to talk to you about where there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s tempting to find excuses and blame: – […]

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How to build a personal brand when you work behind the scenes

December 18, 2014

Our world increasingly favors who you are. But more than that, it values what you do, what you ship and what you stand for. The rise of personal branding is a direct result of this. The idea that you should and need to stand for something is not new. Not long ago you were the […]

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