Nothing to say

by Fabrice Calando on March 5, 2015

I’m tired, I can’t write today.
I don’t feel like pushing the envelope right now.
I don’t think what I have to say matters.
What if I make a fool out of myself?
Oh but I know he’ll dismiss what I write.
I’m not important.
I’m really in over my head here…

All examples of statements that could be followed-up with a statement like “I have nothing to say.”

But the only way to stand out and make something that matters is to take a chance and speak up. Sure we might be wrong, there might be a backlash, there could be critics. Isn’t it funny though, how the naysayers are usually the ones who stand back, the ones who stay in the stands, the armchair coaches who decide to play it safe?

That doesn’t mean what you put out there is flawless, but it does mean that taking a chance is the only way to make something that matters.


SMART goals and other productivity hacks

by Fabrice Calando on March 3, 2015

The woman next to me on the train is reading up on SMART goals. I’ve read up on SMART goals and I’m sure you have too. Yet, are your goals smarter than they were before? Are we more productive and efficient?

SMART goals work, so do most efficiency and productivity hacks. They only have one design flaw…they need to be put in place to function as designed. Without implementation, there is no change, no new way. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to create and do work that matters, but every artist has her each way of creating and shipping.

I don’t think Dr. Maya Angelou, Beethoven or Hemingway spent their time reading up on how to create more art. They perfected the routines and rituals that worked for them.

What if, instead of chasing the latest hack, you focused on just shipping. Find the thing that drives the most impact and work on that.

I think Nike had it right all along: Just do it.


On grace and resentment

by Fabrice Calando on March 2, 2015

Generally, there are two ways to look at events and incidents. You can be gracious and grateful it happened or you can be bitter and angry.

Sometimes it’s black and white; it’s easier to be one than the other. It’s easy to be grateful with a promotion. It’s easy to be angry after being mugged. But other times, it’s unclear. A type of grey zone. The emotions creep in, slowly, unnoticed and I think that’s when they’re at their most dangerous.

You owe it to yourself to be on the lookout for the reactions that quietly drip in. Especially the negative. Walking around with the burden of resentment limits your creativity, your generosity and what you offer to the world.

Take the time to work on grace and being grateful, it will deliver and make all the difference.


On being generous and selfish

February 27, 2015

In a world of abundance, the one willing to be most generous, gets ahead. When everything is available, when the foundation for generating and executing any idea is available for all, holding on makes little sense. Until, of course you need to be selfish. At some point the buck stops. You need to be ruthlessly […]

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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

February 26, 2015

Of course you can. You can teach anyone anything as long as they’re willing to learn. And that’s exactly the point. Seek out the curious ones, the ones who want to learn, the ones who, regardless of age, status, location or situation are open to new ideas and new ways of doing. I think our […]

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Relying on gameable systems

February 25, 2015

The problem with relying on gameable systems (Google search results, New York Times best seller list, grocery store aisles) for entertainment, information and products is that you aren’t necessarily finding quality information. It’s good enough information at best. Gameable systems don’t necessarily favor the best, they favor those who have figured out how to game […]

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Breaking things

February 23, 2015

Once in a while you need to tear down what is, break the model, rip the process apart and start over. Some models, when they’ve been running for too long, miss the mark and become beyond repair. The only thing left is to break it and start over. The process is long, tedious and painful. […]

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February 19, 2015

Traditionally the role of the marketer is to make us believe that what’s new is better than what we have now. A new phone, a new service, an upgrade, an add on, a new car, a new job… Traditionally, at the other end of the spectrum, the role of customer service is to conserve what […]

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Self doubt

February 17, 2015

“I’m pretty certain that I can’t do this. There’s no real script to follow. I have to map it put myself and what if I map it out wrong? Everyone else knows exactly what they’re doing. They have their shit together. But I don’t. I’m a fraud. How I got this far, I don’t know.” […]

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The lever and the fulcrum

February 13, 2015

A hammer has no use if there is nothing to nail. Of course it becomes crucial when you do need to nail a plank to a post. The thing about tools is that we can settle with the ones we use. The ones our boss showed us, the ones our parents used, the ones are […]

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