Photo Credit: Chester Alvarez

I believe in augmenting human sales and marketing with digital tools.

That’s why for the past 15 years, I’ve strived to leverage digital tools to better understand customer needs to communicate with them in a way that matters to them. Today, I work with mid-market companies with business development reps to help them get more out of the sales and marketing efforts. I put in place automated digital processes that increase lead generation and, maybe more importantly, I get those leads sales-ready.

More bang for your buck
Marketers set out to better understand their potential clients. In turn, Sales strives to get those potential clients to buy-in to our worldview. But there are roadblocks, teams get distracted. That’s why I create efficient digital processes that make Sales and Marketing professionals better at what they do. I give them the tools they need, to not only find more Leads, but only pass on the ones that are ready to buy. In other words, you keep the same team, I help make them more efficient with digitalprocesses and systems.



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