Missing the opportunity

by Fabrice Calando on August 28, 2014

An industrialist is someone who looks for stability. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the capitalist seeks opportunity and unmet needs. That means the capitalist takes risks, trying to serve a bigger purpose while the industrialist avoids risk, supports the status quo and looks inward.

Almost by definition then the industrialist misses opportunities and misreads new technologies. For example, where the capitalist sees new technologies and automation as a way to serve people and bring back the human touch by reducing inefficiencies, the industrialist sees automation as a way to improve the process and remove uniqueness.

I think only an industrialist could have looked at robot scheduling and found it great – a more efficient way to reward predictability, yield and return at the detriment of art and uniqueness. Finally a better way to be average and unremarkable!


Are you mission-driven or compliant?

by Fabrice Calando on August 27, 2014

Seth Godin makes the point that, “[m]ission-driven beats compliant, every time.”

If you aren’t willing to make it your mission, if you aren’t willing to take it personally, if you would rather “merely accept a mission, or grudgingly grind through a mission,” then why are you there?

Sure making it your mission will ruffle some feathers and bother others. Maybe (definitely?) you’ll even encounter resistance from those at the top, but what’s the alternative? To idly sit by, complain and wait for the weekend?

No, “[m]ission-driven beats compliant, every time.”


What if that’s it?

by Fabrice Calando on August 26, 2014

What if that’s it? What if we’ve reached our limit? With all the talk about a changing landscape, world of abundance, a connected economy, what if we just can’t do any better?

What if the top-down, broadcast marketing and gimmicky sales is all we can do? After all, with numbers like this, maybe this whole “digital and automated world ” is a fad after all…let’s just stick to our guns and continue doing it the same old way.

You know, it might work for Amazon or Apple or Google or LinkedIn, but our customers aren’t like that. So there is no need to see further. Let’s stick with the what’s been done, here is good, let someone else worry about tomorrow, it doesn’t apply to us.

It’s Tuesday today, Wednesday won’t come around.


Is your product new or novel?

August 25, 2014

A product the marketplace hasn’t seen before is either novel or new. When you offer novelty, it’s usually easy get trials; it’s easy to get users to sign-up and try it out. The challenge is converting that trial into adoption. The solutions usually revolve around growth, engagement, good enough and rapid prototyping. On the other [...]

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Overcoming the fear of failure

August 6, 2014

We tend to believe others will judge and remember our mistakes and falls. In fact, the worst career advice I ever got was that people will remember your mistakes and not your success. I guess that makes sense if you strive for status quo. If you’re average, then it’s true, the only thing that stands [...]

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A lesson in content marketing

August 5, 2014

Over the past year and a half or so, I’ve lost roughy 40% of the traffic that comes to this site. The main reason? I’ve taken a different approach to content generation. I’ve mostly eliminated pictures in posts, stopped worrying about the search optimization of titles and text, reduced the length of posts and automated [...]

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How to be luckier

August 4, 2014

Luck is about thinking small. True, the small steps are often discredited. Change the world, be the difference, saves lives – that’s what we want. The thing is, getting to that point often means taking many tiny steps to get there – another blog post, choosing the healthy meal, going for a run, building a [...]

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It was raining…and other excuses

August 4, 2014

This is Monday morning and I haven’t thought about what to write about. Maybe it’s the rainy day, maybe it’s the night time wake-ups, maybe it’s all the above or none of them. What I know is there is never a shortage of excuses. There’s always a reason not to push the envelope, create a [...]

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Look at how that happened

July 31, 2014

What a surprise! How funny! Would you look at that! We started at point A, wanted to head towards point B, but strangely enough we ended up back at point A again. It’s interesting how we self-sabotage all the time. One little mistake, one tiny point we forgot, one little unattained milestone, something that didn’t [...]

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