How to be the best marketer in the world…

by Fabrice Calando on July 16, 2015


There’s an opportunity for young marketers. Something that wasn’t available just a decade ago: The whole world of marketing is available to them. From blogs to podcasts and books to online classes. It’s all there. The opportunity to learn from the best and brightest.

That’s never been the case – knowledge was controlled by your university or college and then by the company you worked at. Quality or not you did the best you could with what you had.

Sure too much information can be an escape. A way to over consume and under deliver.

So how do we learn without escaping? The one skill that’s required is curiosity. The appetite to learn what needs to be learned at the moment you need it. The drive to dive deep and learn from experts to deliver your own results.

Go. Be curious.

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(Re)defining marketing

by Fabrice Calando on July 9, 2015


What if marketing’s biggest problem and challenge wasn’t the onslaught of new social platforms or edgerank, Google’s changing search algorithm or even inbound marketing or marketing automation? What if the biggest problem and challenge was its definition?

There are some differences, some tasks that change from company to company, but overall, you know what Accounting does, you know what Sales does, you know what HR does, you know what Customer Service does. But what does marketing do? It markets your product, but what does that mean? Does marketing guide product development or does the Product team do that? Does marketing find leads or does Sales do that? Does marketing do media outreach or does PR do that? Does marketing guide design?

Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing marketing for roughly 15 years and I have a better understanding of its nuts and bolts, but it feels to me like marketing is the least well defined group. it’s the group that has found it’s work. So often it ends up with a long grocery list of to dos and very little input. On the other hand Marketing sometimes sits at the table and pushes the agenda forward along with our friends in Sales, Biz Dev and Finance.

I think, in part, this explains the increasing popularity of Growth Hacking and the “growth” team.

True, the fact that Growth Hacking is based on efficient, scalable growth is appealing to say the least. But I believe that the fact it’s so mission driven has something to do with its appeal.

And maybe that’s what we need, the end of marketing and the beginning of growth. Who gets the leads (or even customers if you’re a SaaS company)? The growth team.

Let the President and CEO decide who the company is, the values, the culture and the big picture stuff and let HR find the right people to execute, let Sales close the right clients. Let the Growth increase the user base, by focusing on efficient and scalable tactics?

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June 25, 2015

It’s easy to be a lazy marketer. It can be tempting to cut corners because no one is looking. It can be tempting because a lot of the tasks are mundane. And yes sometimes lazy can lead to an extra boost – in traffic, in sign-ups, in visits… But really, lazy is a way to […]

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On marketing and prospecting

June 17, 2015

I don’t think you can do without a marketing/prospecting model in the B2B space. Others, like David Skok , have written about the topic in detail, better than I ever could. I’ll add this to the conversation through… There are corporate efforts that can benefit both the sales and marketing teams. Content Content is, by […]

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What if no one was watching?

June 10, 2015

What if no one could see or hear? What if there was no way we’d ever find out? Would you cut corners? Would you cut corners? Would you spam? Would you embellish the click-through rates? Would you omit a detail? One of Steve Jobs’ defining characteristics was his obsession with the way products were crafted. […]

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Marketing’s (not so) secret weapon

June 3, 2015

All the talk of ROI, measurements, analytics, reach and more hides one element that makes an organization stand above the rest. That’s exceptional customer service. I signed up for a Wistia account. During my initial research, I asked which accounts allowed the integration with HubSpot. In the few weeks between the exchange with customer service […]

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What I know for sure (about marketing)

May 27, 2015

Marketing practitioners need to be able to clearly articulate their vision for how marketing will work at a company…

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A hiatus of sorts

April 10, 2015

Today marks the beginning of a brief hiatus in my writing here on I decided a break was necessary because I’m not thrilled about the direction this site has taken. A writer publishes to be read and the readership has steadily gone down over the past few years. I have a few dedicated readers […]

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When small won’t work

April 7, 2015

Sometimes small is everything. You want your processors to be smaller and smaller to power your iPhone longer and better. The details matter because that’s where the devil is. You want to focus on small incremental steps to change a behavior because Little Bets work better. But other times small doesn’t cut it. When you’re […]

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