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Listening to criticism

I’ve been thinking about criticism a lot recently. Whether you believe constructive criticism exists or not, feedback at work is more present than you think. The thing is, most of us don’t want to hear it. And that makes sense…it’s usually nothing we want to hear. We don’t want to hear […]

Listening to criticism

Employees have more clout than they think 2

It’s interesting how so many employees feel they need their company more than the company needs them. I should say one thing before we get started though. A fulfilling job and career should be a partnership and not a power struggle — those rarely lead to great results. If you […]

Employees haver more clout than they think


[Book review] End Malaria 1

“dreams are usually the first thing to get bumped from the to-do list when the day gets full.” This Domino Project book came out a little while ago. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a collection of essays and the proceeds go to buying mosquito nets in Africa. For […]

[Book review] Get Noticed by Marcus Taylor & Rob Lawrence 2

By taking courageous action, we always build confidence because we get a return on our investments that far exceeds our initial anxieties and fears. Marcus reached out to me a little while back to review his book Get Noticed. Getting noticed is increasingly difficult, but still as important as ever […]

Information overload

At which point is it too much?

If you work at a company, chances are you’ve already heard something along the lines of “what are we doing with […]” If you’re in HR it might be “What are we doing on BranchOut or on Monster?”. If you’re in marketing it’s probably something like “What are we doing […]

The irony of limits 1

I’ve been thinking about limits lately. They’re liberating, but restricting at the same time. You can probably agree that setting limits is one of the best things you can do to move forwards and get closer to your goal. Limits allow you to know when to say no and focus your […]

The irony of limits

Pick yourself

Waiting for the boss to pick you 2

There’s a common misconception in the work environment that the boss is the one with control; the one who has the authority and all the decision power. While he technically does, he’s really just someone with a rubber stamp. As a matter of fact, I think a great boss is […]

The opportunity

I was watching  an interview with from the Black Eyed Peas. It was generally interesting but a line that really stood out to me was when he said: Each tour is a once in a lifetime opportunity It’s great that he’s able to approach a fairly routine part of […]

The opportunity

You are not a snowflake

You are not a snowflake

Roughly 10 years ago, in a classroom filled with 300 or so undergrads, our Social Psychology Professor told us: You are not snowflakes! Sorry, but your mom was wrong, you are not a precious, individual little snowflake. Getting noticed at work (whatever you call work) isn’t an easy task in […]