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Making lemonade 3

Change comes in two flavours. Good and bad. That’s it. Good change — like finding a new job, buying a new house, booking a vacation — is quite welcome. Naturally, bad change isn’t. The first reaction is to fight to keep the past alive where things were safe. After getting […]

Making lemonade

A call for speakers 3

Would you like to speak at Social Media Breakfast Montreal (SMBMtl)? Now’s your chance! The Social Media Breakfast was started in August 2007 by Bryan Person in Boston. Since then the event spread to over 40 cities including here in Montreal. The event is a huge success. It started in […]

Hack Your Life Project: Healthy mind, healthy body 11

I’ve been wanting to wake up earlier. This past week was dedicated to testing out options that should make it happen and make it stick. The process isn’t quite over, but it’s on it’s way. Testing options allows you to find the best way to change a behaviour. Going “cold […]

Hack Your Life Project | Healthy mind, healthy body

Missing out

Missing out 4

No matter how many members Facebook has (close to 1 billion), it’s not uncommon to meet someone who doesn’t have the time or doesn’t see the the value of being active on various social networks. To be blunt, if you resist social media, you’re missing out on great opportunities. To […]

The kids can’t write 1

Current generations will often say about younger generations something to the effect that kids can’t write. They write in SMS language: C u L8tr lol ? kk r u ok? going 2mro c u thr And so on… The brevity of mobile phone text messages and the instant nature of […]

The kids can't write


Hack Your Life Project: Test your life 12

I spent this past week looking for a charity. Not a charity to simply donate to, but something to support when and where I can. I think apathy is one of the biggest roadblocks to hacking your life. To put it simply, when you stop caring, you give up and […]

Control 5

Humans are notoriously bad at determining what we can control in our lives. Things you don’t control: The weather The other person’s mood The stock market The car in front of you in traffic The result of the hockey game (unless you’re a player or coach) The other person’s intentions […]


Hack Your Life Project | Give a fuck

Hack Your Life Project | Give a fuck 5

Sometimes “no” is simply the best answer. It frees up time to do your best work and, in the long-run, that’s when you’re the most helpful. What I like about last week’s “just say no” project is just how much it brought to my attention those situations where “no” is […]

Passion at its core 1

Unexpectedly ask someone what their passion is and they’ll answer something like: “I don’t know, I don’t have a passion” “My family” “I play soccer, so I guess I’m passionate about that” Passion is a very hard thing to pinpoint. Some people are lucky and find it early on. Others […]

Passion at its core