7 Tactics of a Social Media Strategy and 1 Objective

Today I was reminded of a presentation Cossette did on the 7 elements of a social media strategy (I admit, I’ve helped write these up):

  1. Monitor and listen
  2. Define your objectives
  3. Identify your target
  4. Determine your strategy
    1. The content
    2. Blog or account guidelines
    3. The frequency of posts
  5. Determine the tonality of your account/blog and its personality
  6. Share your content and dialogue (80% conversation and 20% enterprise/commercial)
  7. Evaluate the results and adjust

I think I was really green (or hadn’t had my coffee yet) when I helped come up with these points.  This almost sounds like a recipe .  Some points are really valid, but these are more like 7 tactics to a social media strategy.  What’s really important to remember is that you are trying to participate in a conversation with your community to build trust.  That’s the major point.  These 7 points will help you identify interesting communities and identify your objectives and strategy, but never forget that social media is all about the community and not a to do list.  So the points should read a little more like this:

  1. I have a product or service and I want to ad value to my customers (remember don’t call it monitoring)
  2. Listen to what is being said about your product/service and industry
  3. Define your objectives – See where you can add value and how can you engage your community
  4. Identify where you want to contribute
  5. Your strategy and tone will depend on your community – some are more active than others, but the more value you can add, the better
  6. Add value…always.  Don’t worry about how often to talk about your products and services (it will come naturally)
  7. Evaluate the results and adjust

Also – read Trust Agents by @chrisbrogan and @julien – honestly…do it!

What do you think?  Sometimes I feel lists are too reductive.