A sigh of relief

There’s a difference between living in the moment and holding on to it. By definition, the present is fleeting. Living in the moment means accepting that.

When we breathe a sigh of relief when Lee Se-dol finally beats Google’s DeepMind AI at Go (even if just for a little while) or when Google’s autonomous car had its first fender bender, we’re holding on. “Ok, we’re still driving our cars. Life as I know it is unchanged.”

Of course, that type of thinking is futile. Burying your head in the sand will not prevent cars from driving themselves or computers to get better at replacing us. What it all means isn’t always clear, but what’s certain is that tomorrow will not look like today.

More fruitful I think is to accept and make the most of it. Your car will drive itself; complex human tasks will get replaced.

No matter how big or small, accept it. Move past it. Build on it.