Brand Monitoring: How to get your boss to agree

I was going to write something about Google Buzz, but it’s really too early for me to really have an opinion.  I know Steve Rubel isn’t a big fan of it and his points are valid.  I think it does have a chance depending on what Google does with it (ie.: Facebook integration, further Twitter integration so that Buzz updates will update Twitter, etc.).

In the mean time, I will talk about Brand Monitoring.
It’s pretty well accepted that monitoring is important and there are plenty of free and paid tools out there.  But this morning I read an article on Marketing Profs Daily Fix – Four Steps to Obtain Budget for Monitoring in 2010.
The four steps are –
Step 1: Call it “Strategic Listening” – It’s actually more than monitoring, it helps you “solve business problems”
Step 2: Demonstrate Due Diligence – Do your research, there are plenty of tools out there (I think it’s also important to include pricing information here).
Step 3: Create a Listening Team – Figure out who on the team will do the listening.  Ideally you want to include “people from market research, consumer insights, marketing, PR, product development and customer service”
Step 4: Develop a Workflow To Respond – Determine who will respond when people talk
Basically, this says, come prepared, which obviously makes complete sense.  I like how it helps identify the key issues at hand with monitoring (or should I say, with strategic listening).
Another big plus is that, when you get the go-ahead, you’ll be already fully prepared.