Can you “unfriend” a coworker? I just did!

If I can unfriend you on Facebook, unfollow you on Twitter, unsubscribe from your RSS feed or newsletter because I feel you’re pushy, not respectable or I don’t feel like we can do business together, then shouldn’t I be able to not receive your email?  We are in the era of the social web after all, right?

This is an open post to employees of all companies.

I know email seems safe because you’re not in front of me and can say whatever passes through your mind without thinking it through too much. You can even write in bold or CAPS, even highlight and underline and if you want to really make sure I get your point you can also combine BOLD, CAPS, HIGHLIGHT and UNDERLINE!

I know you think you’re being a go-getter and feel this will get you ahead because you’re so assertive and I know we work in a big company and it’s really hard for you to go from the 8th floor to the 7th to come talk to me in person. But if you won’t make the effort and come see me to ask questions and work things out, I won’t make the effort to read your emails. So there! All your emails have an automatic redirect to my “Deleted Items” folder. I could be the bigger person here, but the point I’m making is if I can unfollow you on Facebook or on Twitter, I can do the equivalent in Outlook, even if we work together…that’s the reality of living in the social web era!

Too tough?

  • Simon J

    Hey Fab,Were you thinking of specific reps when you posted this one?