Do you need corporate blog guidelines?

An old colleague recently asked me if I knew of any examples of corporate editorial guidelines.  I transferred over this post by the Case Western Reserve University.  I’ve never had to write up such guidelines, but I have a feeling that’s right around the corner.  Here are their five reasons why you should have guidelines:

  1. It helps you determine what to write and lets readers (and search engines) know what to expect.
  2. It reduces off-topic submissions
  3. It matches advertisers with your audience (if you accept advertising on your blog)
  4. It supports your SEO strategies
  5. It promotes a professional image and can demonstrate your objectives
I would also add that it encourages you to think of why your are starting a corporate blog.  On that note here are some pointers from Chris Brogan.
Does your company have corporate blog policies?  What are they?