If starting a project is the hardest part, restarting is not far behind. When a project first starts, success is largely dependent on if it can gain momentum and inertia.

In theory, an object (and a project) that achieves inertia will never stop because there is no friction to slow it down. In reality, however, there is always resistance. There’s always a wall, a force (a meeting, a boss, a teacher, a critic) that will cause a project to stop and derail.

So it’s dangerous to assume that once you get going things will go smoothly. It’s that type of thinking that will cause you to be less resilient when friction derails the whole thing.

Better accept up front that your project will go through waves of inertia and friction. So when you do hit a wall, it won’t entirely derail you. It will just take all the energy in the world to get it rolling again.