Hack Your Life Project | Tune out

Hack Your Life Project Challenge #2 | Tune out

Last week was spent getting rid of excess clothing. Like some of you, this wasn’t the hardest challenge to execute, but it was definitely interesting. While you were decluttering, did you notice how easy it is to attach value to random objects? I was constantly reminded of past Summers, trips, projects, road trips, friends and family. We hold on to things like clothes, technology, pictures, music, cars, toys, books to feel secure. The memory of what they represent makes us feel safe, but attaching value to random objects can hold us back.

As Howard Schultz argues in Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul (Affiliate link), icons, like the Beatles, do not “confuse history with heritage.” While you must protect your values and where they come from, holding on to the past can prevent you from moving forward. Decluttering and not being afraid to get rid of objects we’ve attached value to is important keep up.

#HYLP Challenge #2: Turn off the electronics

My challenge this week will be to shut down electronic devices (including the TV) roughly an hour before going to bed. Our world is dominated by screens — computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, TVs — they’re everywhere! I don’t know about you, but I’m addicted. Most evenings, I find myself sitting in front of the TV, with my laptop and my Nexus S; sound familiar? Besides, I can use the extra 7 hours per week.


I once watched an interview with Tom Ford. If you’re not familiar with the fashion world, he was the Creative Director for Gucci and Yves Saint-Laurent before starting his own brand. During the interview he mentioned that everyday, he took some time to shut everything off just to think…or not think at all. That stuck with me — he is both incredibly creative and a smart businessman.

I spend too much time in front of screens and I need to take a step back to think, learn and relax. Also, I recently read an article that said that TVs, laptops, phones and any other screen emit blue light, which screws up sleep patterns. By shutting down an hour or so before going to bed, it’ll allow me to sleep better and spend more quality time (for lack of a better expression) with my girlfriend. If you already do something similar, why not shutting off an hour before that? If reading more or working out is on your list of resolutions for the new year…you just found 7 more hours!

This week I’ll be tuning out for an extra 7 hours, but I’m sure I’ll be gaining a whole lot more.

While we’re here, I’d like to take the time to thank all of you who have decided to join me on this project. It’s truly an honour and completely awesome. Thank you!