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Hello readers, yeah all 4 of you!  I realize that we don’t really know each other…and I’m sorry about that!

For me, I’ve been working in web and marketing since I’ve graduated from McGill.  After close to 3 years at Cossette, I’m now a Social Media Specialist at Astral Media — the Specialty TV division more specifically.  I’m there to help develop and implement strategies for projects and their brands.  I’ll also be training internal teams.

And that’s what I try to talk about – My experiences with social Media in the broadcasting/media industry.  I also talk about my experiences and stuff that I read. You should also know that I’m trying to improve my writing skills so that the read is more plesent for you…

I’ve been here for about a month and so far I’m noticing that the industry is having a hard time implementing social media and communicating directly with their customers.  The media industry has always been about one-way communications – that’s the nature of the industry.  If I have my say though…things will change :)

What about you? Who are you? Leave a comment, say hello!

Talk to you soon!

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  • Hug

    Who am I? I guess I’m Hug, or at least hiding behind the partial anonymity of Hug. On my side, I’ve been professionally working in computers since I’ve graduated from McGill. But as a side project, I’ve also been working in Web technologies and following the development of marketing, both online but also offline. All this out of weird mix of personal and professional interest, and mostly in the odd relax hours at the office. I’ve been following the web for years and I am still having a hard time implementing social media at a personal level, so the industry’s situation doesn’t surprise me.Keep up the good work, it is very interesting and stimulating.

  • Fabrice Calando

    Hey Hug,Thanks for saying hi – cool tshirt site you did – http://rudetackle.com – can’t wait for hockey ones to come out :)As for industry and social, well it’ll definitely be tough for most, but some are doing it already, Some, like Tara Hunt (http://www.twitter.com/missrogue), think it’s fundamentally impossible. I won’t do a list of who is doing what because there are tons out there, but I’ll continue on why I think it’ll be tough and how it can change…

  • Hug

    I didn’t do the football tshirts at rudetackle.com, it was KF13. I just did the web development of the site. Yeah, you should tell him to do hockey ones.

  • Fabrice Calando

    No I know, I was giving props on the site – I haden’t seen it (or don’t remember seeing it). I know the designs :)