Honesty is my only excuse

Those are the lines of the Metallica song Damage, Inc. off of Master of Puppets (Affiliate link). The song is about honesty and rebellion. The reason I thought of it is Fagstein‘s latest post – A plea to end media hypocrisy. The key takeaway of the post is:

What I’m asking is for the media to understand that bullshitting your consumers just isn’t going to work anymore. They’re too smart to fall for it, and they’re going to look elsewhere if they don’t feel they can get the full story from you.

Actually, this is pretty much true of ALL industries!

A similar point was raised by Mitch Joel and Joseph Jaffe during a recent Podcast Nurturing Your Best Customers.

Do social initiatives really affect consumers that are not “social-techno-geeks”? Are we all smarter customers now? What do you think?