Jumping the fence

For marketers, work that matters takes time. Work that’s done to make a difference – no matter how big or small – is not an overnight thing. It’s a slow, consistent process (only to be sometimes sprinkled with big bursts).

The analogy often given is “how does water cut through rock? One drip at a time.”

Of course working at it drip by drip is frustrating. It tests out limits. It triggers our fear responses. It invites the lizard brain in to play the doubt game:
“Do you have what it takes?
Do you have the resources to continue?
This will probably fail.
Who do you even think you are to try this?
Look how others are so much better than you at this…
You are a fake, a cheat and an impostor just waiting to be found out.
You should stop…”

So it’s tempting to jump the fence. Forget the drip, open the floodgates. Let’s put some fuel on that fire. And that’s usually where we get in trouble.

In the frantic effort to fan the flame, we tend to blow it out. We spend all the energy on efforts that don’t matter.

Sure it feels good: “We’re doing something!”

But the only thing that does is please the lizard brain. Lot’s of fuss to do nothing much.

Growth matters. We need to move forward. We need to thrive for progress. But not at the detriment of the consitent drip.