La vita è bella!


Last night, I had drinks with a friend of mine — David Fabrega — who’s leaving for a trip around the world. He’s actually leaving with another friend — David Aimé. Feel free to hit them up. They decided to leave it all behind for a year to do this great trip around the globe. They have a hole project planned that ties in perfectly with their passions and interests.  It’s really, really interesting, but I’ll let them tell the world about it.

He wanted to meet for some insights on social media. I’ll help them along their trip, but they’ll be doing most of the work. Honestly, what an amazing meeting, very inspiring…all about following your dreams and passions. I know they’re excited about this (wouldn’t you be?) and they’ll do great – passion, confidence and determination have a way of doing that. I love those meetings because they not only give me a boost of energy, but they make me stop and think things through.

So what are you doing to make your dreams and passions come true? What are you doing to make your life great?

(Photo credit: Wolfgang Staudt)

  • Huge

    Fabrice, the second link, to David Aime is wrong: it also brings to David Fabrega’s page. Do these guys have a blog? where can we read about their plans (that is not on Facebook)?

  • Fabrice Calando

    Thanks for pointing out the link. It’s been adjusted. They’re starting up their blog in the next few weeks…just working out which platform to use, how to name the blog, etc…all the fun stuff. I’ll let you know when it’s up and running..

  • Huge

    So Fab, some more info on these guys project? I am really interested; I want to see how people go about these big adventures. I guess the best way is just to do it.

  • Fabrice Calando

    They’re currently working on their site and web presences. They’re also looking for funding as one of the major goals of this initiative is to raise awareness of environmental sustainability. Their tentative departure date is July 1st. I’ll have a more complete update soon…