Legends and myths


A legend is a story. A story of past victories and heroics. They’re exaggerated and embellished. They’re there to entertain and inspire. Myths on the other hand are largely false pretenses. They’re also stories based on past events but they’ve been twisted and embellished not to inspire but as matters of fact. They become a truth that, if you’re skilled enough, work enough, hustle enough can be attained once again.

A legend is unattainable, even if your skills surpass the legend, the legend lives on. Gretzky, Jordan, Phelps are all sports legends. You can beat their records, but the name lives on.

Myths are presented as attainable. 10 years ago, I on boarded 200 clients in a week, he ran the 100 meters at breakneck speed, that hack generated triple digit month over month growth. The details are ignored. Never mind that I got 90% of those clients from a rep who left the company a week before they signed. Forget that the fact that the stopwatch was started late or that the hack happened at the same time as another major marketing push. The myth stands. You can beat it only if you’re good enough.

The main difference lies with the facts. A legend’s achievements are publicly available. You know exactly what you need to beat them. A myth on the other hand is void of any facts and figures – they’re simply anecdotes.

Watch out for is the myth. They’re dangerous at best. They set up false hope, wrong expectations and broken promises. Better look to the legends as inspiration. You can even look up to them once the record is broken.

(Photo credit: Francis Bongo)