Let’s just sell it online

There’s a common misconception in some SMB circles that all you need to do these days is set up shop online, and sales will flow in. After years of hearing the web was taking over and resisting it, this is the thought that remains. There’s a similar misconception in both large and small organizations with email, social media, and online ads. We’ll just send, post and spray our message and the sales will come.

The root of these misconceptions are similar: “people should be excited about what I have to say.”

While in 1998, you might have genuinely been excited to get an email, today the average executive receives 140+ emails daily. While back then you might have flocked to yahoo.com. Today, the audience is more fragmented.  


The misnomer that online is easy, (and the inevitable follow-up reaction: “online doesn’t work”) is an indication of lack of interest. And a lack of interest prohibits tests and insight.

So when you venture online, intuition alone is not enough for success. Necessary, maybe. But not sufficient.

Everything online is a thought through experiment fueled by testing and experience.