Margin of error

How many mistakes and shortfalls a user will tolerate varies widely on your business and the clients themselves.

Large enterprise software has a higher margin of error because once the customer is invested it’s hard to leave and move on.

The same goes for products that leverage networks – like Facebook. Because all my contacts are there, it’s hard to pack up and leave.

Not impossible of course, but difficult.

Compare that to the small local food delivery app with limited network effects. On small delivery error can cost you a customer for life. Same goes for a commodity product like detergent.

The trick then is knowing what you’re aiming for and optimizing for that. If you want to leverage a network, seek to build it before anything else. If you’re a commodity, your priority is to reduce error.

WARNING: it’s easier today to overthrow enterprise software and commodities than ever. So your margin of error might not be as significant as you think.