Marketing and tangled stories

One of the great things about Seinfeld was how each character’s story came together to set up the show’s punchline.

Today, your marketing is the same. Many tangled and intertwined stories that set up a punch line: a qualified prospect or sale.

The characters are your various outposts – Facebook, email, blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, AdWords, syndication, trade shows, etc.

Each post, each status, each email tells their story but link to each other in a way that may not be yet visible to your audience: your customers.

Of course setting up your show is difficult. There are many moving parts, all dependent on different mediums and platforms. So the necessary first step is messy. We can’t be afraid of trying out, testing, experimenting and playing around with each character all to support your brand’s storyline.

Ultimately, the entire thing needs to move towards congruence, measurement and optimization. But it’s that first, messy beginning that puts off so many.