Marketing’s (not so) secret weapon


All the talk of ROI, measurements, analytics, reach and more hides one element that makes an organization stand above the rest. That’s exceptional customer service.

I signed up for a Wistia account. During my initial research, I asked which accounts allowed the integration with HubSpot. In the few weeks between the exchange with customer service and when I actually signed up, Wistia changed their pricing and account features. The account I signed up for no longer allowed for the integration.

The thing is… Customer Support, without hesitation, honored our initial conversation and gave me the access I needed. They could have forced me to upgrade. I might have canceled or, worst, started the relationship on a wrong foot.

Of course there’s nothing new here. We’ve heard about it before. There are companies like Zappos. Yet it’s often overlooked. Even if it works. Making your customers feel like they matter is ground zero. There is now real growth without low customer turnover.

What if every conversation or policy started with something like “how does this benefit our customers?” I’m not sure how you can measure the ROI of that, but it is a competitive advantage for sure.

The customer matters. Show it.

(Photo credit: Pawet)