Mind rumblings

  • “I can’t believe they did that”
    • “Maybe that isn’t so bad”
    • “Wait! What was that again”
  • “Did I forget to shave?”
    • “No, I shaved”
    • “Why did I think I hadn’t shaved?”
    • “I need to be more aware of what I’m doing”
    • “But isn’t me thinking about being more aware not being aware of what I’m presently doing?”
  • “You’re an idiot”
    • “It’s only a matter of time until they notice you’re a fraud”
    • “Then you’ll go bankrupt”
    • “No, wait, you’re awesome”
    • “Awesome, awesome, awesome”
    • “You’re so not awesome”
  • “Am I late?”

If I can imagine as many potential dangers and embarrassing situations, I can avoid them all and look beautiful to others.

That sums up the goal of mind rumblings: To protect against things that won’t happen or don’t matter. Once we’re aware that brain rumblings serve no purpose other than to protect us from improbable situations, we can start seeing them for what they are: distractions from what’s taking place.