Naming it

To name it is to clip its wings. An unnamed frustration, a block, a disturbance has the power to infiltrate any project and make it derail. It can change to course of a relationship. It can wreck a lifetime of work.

But if you name it, it withers and dies. If you state your frustration out loud, write about your block, talk about your disturbance, then you can identify it for what it is: a fact of life. No life is smooth and easy. There’s always trauma, there’s always a wall, there’s always a discomfort. They’re part of life just like breathing, sleeping and eating.

When you remain silent, however, then they become more than that. They take on a life of their own and become part of you instead of remaining a fact. Calling them out, puts them in their place and liberates you and allows you to become their parent, the mentor, the boss, the employee you need to be and do work that matters.