New adventures 2

Every so often you get to change paths and head in different directions. Usually the new road is just an incremental course adjustments.

But once in a while, if you’re lucky, you get to start a completely new adventure. You get to venture off the path your on and start something completely different. These moments are scary and exciting; unpredictable yet familiar. They’ll require all your knowledge and experience but to completely let go at the same time.

Those moments are what it’s all about.


About Fabrice Calando

Uniquely positioned to identify and communicate an organization's value to its clients by combining knowledge from my 15 years of marketing experience in both small and large, private and public companies and my studies at McGill University. From the time of my studies through my current experience, including my time at one of Canada’s largest advertising firms, I have looked to leverage digital tools for ways to better understand client needs and establish innovative ways to build relationships with leads and potential customers. In fact what sets me apart is the capability to bring together a wide range of knowledge in various fields to support business development in efficient and scalable ways that always add value. My expertise is in online prospecting, inbound marketing, marketing automation and database marketing.