Nothing is perfect

Imperfect road

A week ago, I had set a plan that would allow me to increase the number of posts on from 3 a week, to 5. It would also free-up time for working out. It was perfect. Most of the week’s posts were written and the workout was going well…until I got a cold on Tuesday evening. I stopped everything and decided to focus my energy on getting better instead of keeping the schedules (I am doing better in case you were worried). And now we’re back to our regular scheduled programming — kind of.

Two lessons learned

I guess I could have forced through the haze and put the pen to the paper so to speak, but instead I learned two things.

First lesson: Nothing is perfect. You might think you have the perfect plan or the perfect situation, but it really isn’t. There’s always a bump in the road, a blockage, an other idea or something. STuff always gets in the way. Sometimes it’s good (a great new idea or a great new acquaintance) sometimes not so much (a cold or an unplanned bill). That just how it is…

The second lesson is: Set priorities. I decided to scrap the plan and focus on getting healthy, you might have decided something else. And you know what mixes well with priorities? Goals and objectives. Without any of them, you’re just wandering.

I might have decided to push through, posted some so-so articles and dragged on the cold. Not a great result. Again, your objectives and priorities are different than mine and that’s important. Regardless, it’s important to take decisions and set down that path. Otherwise nothing is done well.

What does that mean?

Setting goals, objectives and priorities will help you deal with the imperfections of the projects and plans. And as to imperfections? Welcome them, they can lead to great things and, in the end nothing is perfect. To some, the iPhone is awesome, to others, it has flaws; to some Google+ is doing it right, to others, there’s still work to be done. For me, I realized I needed a plan that had some wiggle-room, so that’s what I’m working on.

Set your course, welcome the imperfections. Tell your story.

How do you deal with imperfection?

(Photo credit: Kal111)