Routine commitment

I’m a big fan of routines, they allow us to free up mental energy by making certain tasks and habits mechanical.

But successful habits require one critical element – commitment. Without commitment, a routine become chores and is easily derailed. A snowstorm, a power failure, an early meeting, a late meeting, a sleepless night, a rainy day, a special day are all good reasons to break a routine. Unless there’s a commitment.

When you commit to writing a post daily, you write daily regardless of meeting times and weather conditions.

Routines are merely a way to deliver on what you said you would do. They allow you to spend less energy on everyday choices to focus on what matters, but when the routine fails, all that allows you to push through and still deliver is commitment.

If you didn’t start by standing up, so to speak, and say “I will do this”, then routine and process will only take you so far.