Speed bumps

Most speed bumps are well intentioned – a way to slow motorists down in school zones, parking lots, and anywhere else keeping a low speed is safer.

In business though a speed bump is deadly. Ask a customer to wait too long to try on a pair of shoes and they’ll walk away. Add unnecessary fields to an order form and they’ll click (or tap) away.

The most detrimental speed bumps are the ones that occur at the bottom of the sales funnel. The ones that happen when the lead is demonstrating an interest in becoming a customer. Wait too long to return their call and they’ll forget you, make the buy button too hard to find and they won’t.

Some speed bumps are strategic. If you get too many leads, making the conversion process more complicated is a way only to get the most excited. Especially when you sell enterprise software or high-end consulting services that require dedicating n on behalf of the customer). If that isn’t your case, focus on removing speed bumps.