Starting out with social media in a large organization

How I got started…

I’m starting this series of posts to outline how I’m helping my company with its social media strategies. I’ve been here for close to two months and things are starting to happen.

At first I was going to talk about how I read plenty of blogs – Chris Brogan’s blog, Mashable,, Seth’s Blog, iMedia Connection, the Twist Image Blog just to name a few. I’ve also signed up for Third Tribe Marketing (affiliate link) and read books such as Trust Agents I’ve been doing this for the past couple years now (even before starting this new job) and have been commenting on posts here and there. Then, at work, I’ve been meeting with the different web teams, production teams and communication teams to learn about what they’re all about.

The thing about large companies, is that they are often set in their ways and are difficult to change (read this very interesting article by Clay Shirky about that). It’s not impossible, but it’s hard. You can however, do it by doing what I’m focusing on now…

I’m spending more time with teams both inside and outside of my department to talk with them about social media. So while reading, listening and then interacting are the starting points, if you’re trying to get your company to evolve with social media, try sit down with people.

Have regular conversations, nothing official, invite whoever is interested. Take videos of people, interview them and see how the social web can help them out. If you’re convinced them social media can help them, this will help them understand what you’re talking about… If your role is to develop social media, I would do just that – engage with people as you are starting to roll out strategies.

What do you think?

Photo credit: aturkus