The Day Chris Brogan got me laid off

Last week I attended a conference keynoted by Chris Brogan. During his presentation, he made remark worth sharing. It went something like this:

Social media is not a department in your company.  That would be like having a phone department where only that department answers the phone or a fax department where only that department faxes.

Being one of the social media consultant at Astral Media, I started laughing as I asked myself: “Did Chris Brogan just cost me my job?”  I later told him about my reaction and he answerd “I’m glad if I get you fired.”

And the truth is, so would I…

Let me explain…

As Chris Brogan argues, social media is nothing new. It’s all about the trust relationships we’ve all been building throughout our careers. If you’re in Sales, you build trust with your clients so they’ll buy from you; if you’re in Customer Service, you build trust with clients so that they continue using and enjoying your product; if you’re in Communications, you build trust with journalists and clients so that they continue talking about you; if you’re in Internal Communications, you build trust with employees, so that they thrive at their jobs, and so on…

I would suggest that internal and external social media consultants and experts can help you out with tools. They can help you educate your staff and even build apps and skin blog platforms if needed, but the reality remains that social media is the responsibility of the entire company and its employees.

Get Started!

Because social media is not anything new to you, it’s easy for you to get started today.  Set-up your online presences; start listening to what your clients are saying and start connecting with them. Chris Brogan outlines how to get started here and Jeremiah Owyang details how to get your company started here.

What about you? Do you have more tips and advice?