The fallacy of the lone ranger

There’s a commonly held belief that you can make it happen. If you push hard enough, consistently enough, often enough, it will happen regardless of obstacles. That only the truly exceptional can make it happen. It’s a meritocratic system. One that favors persistence over connection.

In a way, it’s a tempting way to think and act. It shelters us from ever trying.

Now, while it is true that pushing through the resistance and barriers is the only way to make your art happen, we are, afterall, in a connection economy. There are different people around you. There are those that weigh and drag you down and there are those that lift you up and thrust you forward.

So to create your art. To live your purpose. Your duty is really to shed, avoid and exclude all those who prevent you from making a difference while seeking out and embracing those that want to see you succeed. They are the ones that will help you fight the resistance.

Success come to those that realize this formula and relentlessly seek to make it happen.

(Photo credit: al (rino) del vecchio)