The Future of Magazine = The Future of Television?

Last week Wired released a video of what they think will be the future of publishing.

As Mitch Joel has mentioned, this is more of a brand extension than the death of publishing.

I would argue that the same is true of TV. The advent of video online on sites like YouTube, Hulu and as well as iTunes have already made TV content available on a multitude of platforms. Similarly, sites such as Facebook and Ustream have made it possible for users to comment during live events. The consolidation of these services is the next step for TV. Much like what Adobe is doing with Wired, the advent of products such as the iPad will enable users to consume their TV in a much more dynamic way – delving further into sub-plots, looking back at character histories and so on.

The ones that will benefit the most will be broadcasters that also have a print presence. Imagine reading your National Geographic and switching to a full length documentary with the touch of a finger. Media companies with multiple branches (print, broadcast and radio) will easily cross promote content.

What do you think?