The hard part is clicking “publish”

The hard part isn’t writing. It isn’t coming up with the plan or lacing your runners. Actually, it isn’t even presenting the plan or heading out for a run.

The hard part is clicking publish. The really difficult thing is implementing the plan, dealing with the bumps and roadblocks, the naysayers and the critics. The truly difficult part is running consistently enough – building strength, endurance and stamina – to run the race.

Publishing, implementing, racing are difficult because they demand openness and vulnerability. We might fail. The post might not be read or shared. The plan might flop. You might lose the race. And what’s even harder is that although there are very few thrusters and lifters, there are more than enough drags and weights – critics that will jump on any mishap to tell you they were right: “I told you you would fail.”

That’s why there are so few remarkable projects. It’s too hard.

Implement. Race. Click publish.