The motions

When the waves pick up and your boat suddenly starts rocking back and forth, you immediately notice to motion. Soon, though, if the movement persists long enough, it becomes the new standard. You tolerate the discomfort and learn to go through the motions.

The longer you go through them, the more complacent and oblivious to the situation you become. This isn’t resilience. This is submission.

Why is it that sooner or later we end up going through them, no longer aware of each step, each turn, each detail?

At which point do we go from paying attention to the details, to merely day dreaming through them?

Maybe the answer is less important than the solution. Maybe it’s more important to take note of early and subtle shifts that takes place when you submit: a skipped beat, a justification, a dismissal.

All signs that complacency is setting in.

From there, I think it becomes easier to start noticing the motion again.