What if Oprah doesn’t show up?

Sure on the surface it’s scary. So many things can go wrong. I’m unprepared, unqualified, not ready. I know where I want to go, but what if I can’t make it? What of they disapprove? What of they get upset and say no?

Maybe it’s just better to stay put. Something better and safer will come along. Maybe Oprah or the local news station will find me, interview me and I’ll be famous. Then things will be easy.

Right, better stay put. Let’s not risk it.

But what of Oprah doesn’t show up? What if I am stuck? What if this is it? What if I do play it safe and they still get upset and say no? What will I do then?

Maybe there is more choice or opportunity than I think. Maybe it is worth a shot. Things might not work out either way.

Might as well go for it.