What’s a website today?

Not long ago, it used to be that your website was the only way to live on the world wide web. So it made sense to hire a plethora of developers and designers to make it.

WordPress, Squarespace, Wix and all that came before stated that the website, although vital, was no longer what it used to be. In a world of Facebook, LinkedIn, Etsy, Pinterest where clusters can find each other and regroup, your site becomes something different.

Your site becomes a part of the story, not the destination. It becomes one of the places we can go to learn about who you are if we happen to be searching Google or Bing.

So while it used to make sense to pay to get the site taken care of, it seems irrelevant today. There are some for whom the site is what matters – Facebook, your online banking site, Google – but for the rest of us, the time, energy and money must be spent elsewhere: Creating content that resonates, interact in ways that matter, be part of the group…

Only invest if your site is the destination.