Why we notice things

We’re wired to see things, to take not of subtle shifts and strong ones. It’s a matter of survival. For our ancestors, if you couldn’t perceive a subtle rustling of leaves how could you avoid the predator?

That’s still in us. But it’s been oppressed.

We’re taught to bury and forget it. Listen to the instructions, pass the test, check the boxes, tow the line. It worked great for a while. (Truth be told, I’m more than happy that my surgeon checks the boxes and not freely experiment while she’s in there).

But for the rest of us, for the marketers, the sales folks, the copywriters, the account managers, the students, the teachers, noticing is still very much a matter of survival. Maybe not life and death survival, but survival nonetheless.

Noticing is the only way for us to stand even a chance of doing work that matters, to figure out what is important to our customers, to hope to make a difference.

A little while ago, I stopped publishing my (almost) daily posts in the name of efficiency. Choosing instead to focus entirely on strategic posts. The reasons were a decrease in traffic to the site, less relevant business requests and fatigue.

Yes, that led to more introspection, but frankly also less “noticing.” You see if you don’t push yourself to share your work, you aren’t going to put yourself out there; you get lazy.

So today I choose to notice again. I elect to survive and thrive.