Your employees are your social media ambassadors

Last week I posted a note about Corporate Blog Guidelines and yesterday I was reading iMedia Connection’s post Turn your employees into social media ambassadors and it got me thinking. A lot of companies are scrambling to get into the social media game and that world is quickly changing.  In turn, that change is making those companies fearful.  But iMedia Connection’s post reminded me that the best place to start is still your employees.  It’s pretty simple actually…5 easy steps:

  1. Develop a social media policy
  2. Offer training
  3. Provide employees with a centralized site
  4. Lead by example
  5. Reward influencers

Actually, after re-reading these points, I was reminded that a lot of what people on the Obama campaign did.  Last year, I attended a talk by David Plouffe organized by my friends at Cossette West and another talk by Rahaf Harfoush. They both noted that to some degree or another, each of those 5 points were key to the Presidential campaign’s success.

Hope that convinces you!